Nearly 40 Years know how in the shoe business.

Since 1979 Kenkätuonti Rikke Oy Ltd has been remarkable supplier in Finnish shoe market. Our roots in the shoe business has started from 1954. As a middle size and adaptive family trading company our first priority has always been to be strong and reliable as a company and what comes to delivery precise

Since we have started we have taken normal import business to much longer. We develop and design some of our collections by ourselves and production is handed over to our reliable long term business partners. This offer to us that we can adapt to market better, faster and serve our customers in best way.

Primary target in collection design is comfort, suitable materials and right kind of last. Our lasting has made to fit Scandinavian feet with nice looking in uppers. Unique design and constant change in fashion is challenging and rewarding. Reply to markets needs is our passion.

Our experience and brands speaks by itself already in third generation.